Femi-care Surgery Center abortion fees at abortion clinic in MD



At Femi-Care Surgery Center we offer two forms of sterilization. One method requires surgery and is effective immediately. The other method does not require surgery, but is not effective for three months.

The belly button tubal sterilization is a laparoscopic procedure, which is effective immediately. You will be given anesthesia prior to the surgery, so we ask you not to operate a vehicle for that day only. You will also need to make transportation arrangements to and from the facility. A small incision is required about the size of the tip of your pinky below the navel area.

We only do tubal ligations on Wednesday when anesthesia is available. [PDF]

We also offer Essure, which is a gentle, hormone free, permanent birth control procedure, and requires no surgery or burning.  This procedure is effective after three months. During the three-month waiting period you will need to use another form of protection, such as an oral contraceptive.

For detailed information ‘click’ here: http://www.essure.com/ or [PDF]

Both methods require a consultation with the physician. Feel free to call the office during regular business hours.

Note: Prices vary depending on your insurance carrier. Essure self-pay price is $2,400.00.