Abortion Fees at Femi-care Surgery Center in Baltimore, MD

Fees Schedule

Take a look below at our fees schedule

Sometimes our fees schedule may update without online notice, so please verify with our staff ahead of time. Abortion Funds available.

SURGICAL ABORTION | Self-Pay, All Inclusive Discounted Prices
 LMP Local / IV Sedation sleep
Up to 12 weeks $400 $400
12-14 weeks not available $425
 A fee of $35 for your two-week follow up is not included in the above prices.

MEDICAL ABORTION (RU486 / Abortion Pill)
Self-Pay, All Inclusive Discounted Prices
Up to 10 weeks $400 (follow-up appointment included)
  • Insurances do not cover medical abortions after 7 weeks
  • Self-pay fees include your two-week follow-up appointment
  • Should the medical abortion fail, a D&C will be necessary for an additional fee of $150.

Pregnancy test (urine) $5
Pregnancy test (blood) $10 (lab fees excluded)

First trimester abortion $70
Second trimester abortion $95
MPA shot (Generic Depo-Provera®) $50
Rhogam shot (Rh negative women) $50

New Patient Gynecological visit $95
Established Gynecological visit $75

Pap Smears Colposcopy Pregnancy Testing (blood and urine)
Well Woman Exam LEEP STD Testing & Treatment
Breast Exams Hysteroscopy Tubal Ligation


Counseling Oral Contraceptives
NuvaRing® Depo-Provera®
ParaGard® (IUD)
[hormone free, good for up to 10 years]
[for heavy, painful periods, good for up to 5 years]
Liletta Nexplanon

We accept most insurance. To find out if we are a participating provider with your insurance, please call the office at 443-394-0523.



DC Abortion Fund
The DC Abortion Fund is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit that makes grants to pregnant people in the DC area, as well as those traveling to the area, who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. DCAF is the only organization in the DC region that focuses solely on providing this service in our community.

We face a multitude of state and national restrictions designed to deny access to abortion care. These restrictions disproportionately affect low-income people. We hope to make “choice” a reality because we believe a person’s right to health care should not depend on her wallet.

Baltimore Abortion Fund
The Baltimore Abortion Fund is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that exists to help individuals in Baltimore, MD who need abortion care but cannot afford the full cost of the procedure.

We operate a confidential helpline where our trained case managers offer referrals, financial counseling, and financial assistance to low-income Baltimore residents who need help paying for their abortion care.

Helpline: (443) 297-9893