Abortion Fees at Femi-care Surgery Center in Baltimore, MD

Fees Schedule

Take a look below at our fees schedule

Sometimes our fees schedule may update without online notice, so please verify with our staff ahead of time.

SURGICAL ABORTION | Self-Pay, All Inclusive Discounted Prices
 LMP Local* Deep** General***
Up to 12 weeks $400 $400 $425.00
13-14 weeks, 4 days not available not available $450
Fee of $35 for a 2 week follow up is not included in the above fees.
* Local Anesthesia (awake)
** Deep Sedation (drowsy)
*** General Anesthesia (asleep)

MEDICAL ABORTION (RU486/Abortion Pill)
Self-Pay, All Inclusive Discounted Prices
7 to 10 weeks $400
  • Insurances do not cover medical abortions after 7 weeks
  • Self-pay fees include your 2 week follow-up appointment
  • Should the medical abortion fail, a D&C will be necessary for an additional fee of $150.

Pregnancy test (urine) $5
Pregnancy test (blood) $10 (lab fees excluded)

First trimester abortion $70
Second trimester abortion $95
MPA shot (Generic Depo-Provera®) $50
Rhogam shot (Rh negative women) $50

New Patient Gynecological visit $95
Established Gynecological visit $75

Please call the office for other fees including IUD insertion.